How do you become an automotive technician?

Complete Educational Instructions

Most employers require technicians to have either a high school diploma or GED. Once you have your high school education completed, applying for either a certificate program or associate’s in automotive technology maintenance is necessary.

Master Certified programs can be selected by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation and typically take two years to complete, consisting of both theory and practice classes.

Search for intensive programs that will give you the technical proficiency to enter the industry and give you skills needed for rapid advancement.

New England Tech is one of the institutions participating in programs like Ford Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR), Mopar Career Automotive Program(CAP), and Fiat Chrysler Automotive Performance Institute (FCA).

This school is proud to be affiliated with Subaru University. Students who complete the program are awarded the Subaru University level one technician certificate.

To enhance your job prospects, you may consider applying for a bachelor’s (or master’s) degree after completing vocational training.

Gain Recognition

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence offers certifications that demonstrate your practical knowledge and readiness for the workplace. New graduates looking to break into the automotive service industry can benefit from ASE entry-level certificates, which demonstrate practical proficiency within the industry.

ASE offers over 50 certification exams for professionals with at least two years of experience, covering all aspects of truck and car repair. Earning these credentials not only enhances your education but could potentially lead to a higher salary as well.

After passing all tests in a certain domain, master technicians can be promoted. These professionals typically hold supervisory roles and earn generous salaries.

You may also be eligible for brand-specific certifications, such as Ford or BMW, which could open doors to employment as an automotive technician at these companies.

Internships and Training

High school and college may offer job training at certain car dealerships or manufacturers. This experience could pave the way for you to secure a job immediately after graduating.

Employers prefer technicians with hands-on experience. They may hire you for training purposes and then promote you to a permanent position if your performance meets their criteria.

Develop Your Skills

If you want to be an accomplished automotive technician, it is essential that you work hard at honing your abilities. Put the knowledge you’ve acquired during your associate’s, certificate or high school diploma to use!

If you want to become an automotive technician, it is essential that you stay abreast of all the newest advancements in vehicle technology.

If you don’t have the financial means to cover a degree, NEIT offers generous financial aid packages.


Automotive technicians have a wealth of career options. From preventive maintenance and repair to managerial or supervisory positions, there’s something for everyone in this field!

Automotive technicians face difficult environments, earn a good salary and solve complex engineering problems. The New England Institute of Technology offers numerous programs to help you make an informed career choice. Request more information about Automotive Technology Degrees from one of the top five institutes today!


What makes being an automotive technician such a rewarding career?

If you love cars and are passionate about working with them, becoming an automotive technician could be the ideal job choice. Not only does the profession offer a good salary and variety of tasks, but it also provides job satisfaction.

How Can You Become an Automotive Technician?

Acquire a certificate or associate’s degree in automotive technology and you can pursue a career as an auto technician. To become qualified, you will need to apply for internships and on-the-job training programs.

What are the highest-paying jobs as an automotive technician?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), auto service technicians earned the highest wages.

  • Manufacturing of aerospace parts and products.
  • Natural gas distribution.
  • Telecommunications.
  • On average, technicians in these industries earn $65,000 yearly on average.

What is the typical time it takes to become an automotive technician?

Acquiring an automotive technician position may take up to two years. These programs will prepare you for entry-level positions within the industry.

What Should You Look for When Pursuing a Degree in Automotive Technology?

When searching for a college or program to enter the automotive industry, look for ones that offer hands-on and classroom activities. These will enable you to pursue entry-level employment at dealerships, independent repair businesses, fleet services, repair centers or rental companies; plus they serve as the basis of future career progression.

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