Some tips on how to use your AC in summer?

It is difficult to drive a car in summer without an air conditioner. What if your AC doesn’t work properly? Your vehicle would become hot and sweaty. Although it can be hard to understand the technical aspects of an AC’s operation, car owners can take steps to ensure your cooling system is working at its best. If your AC has serious issues, we can provide the best AC repair in Dubai.

These are some helpful tips to help you use your AC in the summer.

  • Regular use

Regular air conditioner use will ensure that the AC compressor, fan and vents work well. Your Car AC system should be run at least once a week.

  • Place the vehicle in shade

It may take longer for the AC temperature to cool a car parked in direct sunlight. It is best to park your car in a shaded area or covered parking lot. This will make it easier for your AC to work at its best.

  • Recirculation Mode

The AC is equipped with an electric fan that draws in air from the outside and reaches its evaporator. The evaporator is then flooded with a high-pressure liquid coolant. This turns into gas and absorbs heat. The AC fan blows air through the vent towards the interior. After enough air has been sucked into the AC, it is time to switch to recirculation mode. This will close the intake of outside air. Recirculating air is already cool, which reduces the compressor’s workload and improves its performance.

  • Turn off the AC properly

The cooling system will function optimally if the AC is properly shut off. Before the ignition is turned off, always turn off the AC. The fan should be left running for at least 30 seconds to dry the evaporator. This prevents bacteria buildup and bad odors from the cabin.

  • Keep Windows Open for a while

If it is hot, you should lower the windows to allow heat to escape. Only after hot air has been pushed out, can the car AC be started.

  • Car AC Repair

Maintaining your AC in good condition is crucial. If the AC is not cooling as it should, have it checked by a mechanic. You can also ensure optimal performance by having your AC serviced regularly, especially at the beginning of summer. A maintenance plan can optimize the AC’s performance. The cabin filter removes pollutants from the air so that the car can breathe fresher. If the cabin air is becoming stagnant, it’s time to replace the filter.

It can cause problems with the air quality and the health of passengers if the cabin filter isn’t changed regularly. It is vital to get fresh air as dust and other debris can affect the AC’s performance.

If you hear unusual noises while your AC is running, it could indicate a problem with the compressor. The car AC will perform at its best when it is serviced regularly and you follow these simple tips.