What is the average salary of a “Salt Truck” Driver?

The average annual salary for a Salt Truck Driver is $52,244 per year, as of August 29, 2021.

In case you are looking for a simple calculator to calculate your salary, it works out at approximately $25.12 per hour. This would be equivalent to $1,005/week, or $4,354/month.

ZipRecruiter reports that annual salaries can reach as high Purple Truck as $78,000, and as low at $23,000. However, most Salt Truck Driver salaries range from $41,000 (25th per centile) to $59500 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th) earning $71,000 annually in the United States. Salt Truck Drivers can earn as little as $18,500 annually, but the average range is quite wide. This suggests that there are many opportunities to advance and receive higher pay depending on your skill level, experience and location.

Recent job postings on ZipRecruiter indicate that the Salt Truck Driver market is active in Lahore, PK, and the surrounding areas. Your Driver earns on average $52,244 annually, which is the same as the $52,244 national average. The number one state in the nation for Driver salaries is California.

ZipRecruiter continually scans its database to determine the best annual salary range for Driver Jobs. It has millions of jobs posted locally across America. ZipRecruiter is the best place to find your next job as a Driver.

Which are the Top 10 Most Highly Paid Cities for Salt Truck Driver Jobs?

We have identified 10 cities in which the average salary for a driver job is higher than the national average. Richmond, CA is the top of the list, followed by Stamford CT and Bellevue WA in the second and third places. Bellevue in Washington beats the national average by $9.862 (18.9%), while Richmond, CA continues that trend with an additional $11,680 (22.4%) over the average of $52,244

Importantly, Richmond, CA, has a relatively active Driver job marketplace with only a handful of companies currently hiring.

These 10 cities have average salaries that are higher than the national average. This makes it very attractive for those looking to make a career as Salt Truck Drivers.

Another factor to consider is that the average salary in these top ten cities ranges very little between Richmond, CA and Glendale CA. This limits the potential for wage advancement. A lower cost of living might be the best consideration when deciding on a location or salary for a Driver position.

At least five jobs that are related to the \Driver job title pay more than the average Salt Truck Driver salary. Salt Solutions, Salt Hotels and Salt Mine are some of the most popular examples.

These jobs pay between $13,772 (26.4%) to $28,597 (54.7%) less than the average Salt Truck Driver wage of $52,244. These jobs could help you earn more money if you are qualified.