Purple Truck: The Benefits

Mobile Services for Doggies

You may have seen one or more of our purple truck in Gainesville. They are our brand and image.

You may be surprised at the work these purple truck do.

 Mobile grooming is easy and fun with these mobile trucks. Let us take the grooming right to your pet. This will relieve your pet of much of the stress and you won’t even need to travel far. Car rides that are too long can cause Stroller sickness in your pet. This unfamiliar environment can also put your pet’s mind at ease. Animals are often kept in close quarters with other animals, which can make it difficult for them to wait their turn. Instead, allow your four-legged friend to enjoy one-on-1 attention from the groomer without external distractions.

These purple truck are not only beneficial for your pet but also help you. Imagine all the things you can do in the time it takes to drive to the groomer and wait during the grooming process. You can do all the work from your own home, without ever leaving your yard. Doggie Styles understands the hectic lives of pet owners and is making it easier.

Traditional pet owners might be reluctant to adopt the new method of dog grooming. One of our groomers will be happy to speak with you about the benefits of mobile grooming if you’re not convinced.

  • If you spot a large purple truck near you, remember to think Doggie Styles and give us call.
  • The Purple Truck: achieving health outcomes in the Western Desert

Andrew Carter, Commercial Eyes’ managing director, and Melissa Sampson–Curry, our finance director, attended the book launch of “Patrick Tjungurrayi – Beyond Borders” last week.

The book is a mix of biography and art history. It focuses on Patrick’s life and involvement in The Purple House, which provides vital dialysis services for remote Indigenous communities in central Australia. Patrick was just one of many artists who contributed to the establishment of remote dialysis services by selling their paintings.

Medicines Australia supports the mobile component of this vital service known as The Purple Truck. Patients can receive dialysis treatment in their local communities via the highly visible mobile dialysis unit. Patrick lives in remote Western Australia, and needs dialysis three days a week.

Andrew Carter states, “As Medicines Australia member, it was amazing to hear how Medicines Australia is helping rural Indigenous patients receive the treatment that they need at home.”

He said, “The incidence of kidney disease in remote desert communities is between 15-30 times that of the national average.” The Purple House services mean people don’t need to leave their support networks in order to get to a dialysis machine. This is important for both the patient and their families as well as for the community.

The Purple House will receive all proceeds from the book’s sale to support its work in providing essential support services and dialysis to people throughout central Australia and the world.