How to be a successful real estate agent

A recent study found that Maharashtra accounts for over 25% of all real estate investments. This means that it is a great time to enter real estate management consulting.

75% of real estate transactions are handled by real estate consultants who guide customers in buying their dream homes. A real estate consultant’s career is very lucrative. A recent study found that Maharashtra accounts for over 25% of all real estate investments. This makes it a great time to enter the real estate industry.

Real estate agents vs. real estate apps
The elimination of real estate agents with the latest technology and real estate apps could cause disruption to the entire process and make it difficult for customers. The dream of buying a home has always been a goal for everyone. According to Indian culture and mindset, people visit the various sites in search of the ideal home to satisfy their needs and desires.

Broking is no longer a low-level sales job
India brokers are considered secondary professions to make money. However, it is a highly skilled sales job that is often sought after by people with low education.

RERA will also apply to real estate consultancy. For decades, the broking industry was largely unorganised. It was considered low-level and a last resort for young people.

Nowadays almost everyone has access to an internet connection and a smartphone. This allows consumers to be more informed, knowing exactly what they should ask for. Transparency is key when it comes to every parameter, such as tax details, product details, and commitments. Before your client can enter into an agreement, you must document all of this.
Consumers look for a broker who is a professional and can welcome clients as well as manage post-sales. Brokers are often multitaskers and therefore post sales and customer importance would be of great importance.
RERA is here, and the consultant role does not end when the customer gives you a check. It is only the beginning of the deal. Hereafter, you must guide the customer through every step of construction and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Most buyers are very well-informed and do not enjoy getting involved in the legal process late.
It is important to understand the psychology of consumers and the effects on post-sales. The Indian mentality states that consumers purchase houses on important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Akshaya Tiritiya days. This is something that brokers should help facilitate today.
Brokers should keep reading and continue to study.
Accessibility is another important characteristic for a consultant. A robot cannot take over real estate broking or brokerage as it is a profession that requires an emotional human touch. Accessibility is essential. Any consultancy faces the challenge of being accessible when there is exponential growth.