What to do if your car’s keys have been lost?

What do you do if you’ve lost your car lock keys?

We carry our keys with us all the time. We all have those moments when our keys get lost or stolen and it can be very distressing.

It is a sad situation to be stuck in front your car, unable to get in and start it. It is possible to order a taxi and return with your spare keys so you can start your car. You might not be as lucky and not everyone has a spare car key. So what can you do?

Have you lost your keys to a modern car?

In the past, car manufacturers didn’t implement sophisticated anti-theft devices in their cars. Vehicles were equipped with a traditional car key. It was easy to lose a car key.

These days, however, things have changed. Today almost all cars that drive on our streets are equipped with a chip-key/transponder system and sometimes, additional security features. Today, a car key is no longer sufficient. For your car to start, you must have your key programmed. Therefore, replacement keys require special tools as well as extensive programming knowledge.

It’s not as easy as it used be to replace car keys, but there are still solutions! The decision is simple: do you want your car to be towed at the dealership or can you rely on your local mobile locksmith? Both will be able provide you with the spare key.

You can start by contacting your local dealer.

For new car keys, you can always contact your local dealership. They will be able to quickly locate your vehicle’s information because they keep track of its security. They will provide you with a spare vehicle key in no time.

Official car dealerships are a great option to get new car keys. They will have the proper equipment and know how to program your new key fob. And you can rest easy knowing that you are 100% receiving an OEM factory transponder, not a cheap copy.

Many people don’t like this option because you will be charged more by the dealership for your key fobs or transponder keys. Also, you’ll need to make an appointment and have the car tow with you.

You can also call your local locksmith.

Many people don’t realize that a locksmith can also make cars keys. This is a common misconception. Your local locksmith can help you save up to half off the cost of your car keys by offering car key services for all lost key situations.

Car locksmiths are a great choice because they usually offer mobile service for emergencies. They’ll be there when you need them. A technician will arrive quickly and you won’t need to wait long.

An experienced car locksmith will have the latest equipment to program car keys. He will also be able generate duplicate car keys on site.

You will usually pay less to your locksmith than you would at the dealership for a replacement key. A key factor is the fact that locksmiths can replace lost keys quickly and economically.

An automotive locksmith in your area can be a great option if you:

  • You are not able or willing to tow your vehicle.
  • You wish to cut down on the cost of your car keys.
  • You need your transponder keys to be replaced immediately because it is an emergency.

How can I locate a qualified car locksmith in my region?

Although it can be tempting to call an automotive locksmith because of its convenience and efficiency, keep in mind that not all locksmiths are qualified. There are many who will offer their services to you even though they may not be experts.

You want to be safe and secure. It is important that you find a locksmith you can trust, who will give you a high-quality job and great service. Avoid unprofessional locksmiths.

Vague pricing, wide price ranges

A genuine car key expert knows what to do. Each vehicle is unique, but the job is generally the same. Locksmiths know how much each transponder or key fob will cost you. Locksmiths are very reasonable when it comes to pricing. You can get a quote either over the phone or by email, provided you have the details of your vehicle and the type transponder key you are using.

Red flag: Extremely low service calls like 10$ 29.99$ or $35$

If it seems too good to true, it probably isn’t. This is a serious problem in the industry. Scammer locksmith companies use the bait-and-switch price scheme, which results in customers being charged for a simple task such as a lockout. Marketplace’s YouTube investigation into locksmith scams can be found here.

False advertising, not local service

Is this a local enterprise? Many people fall prey to national call centers that employ subcontractors. People end up paying more to get low-quality service. It’s easy to tell if you are dealing with a local business by the way they answer the phone. They will immediately give their branded company name, and take your call without you waiting for a technician.

How can a locksmith replace your car keys?

You will need to show proof of ownership when the locksmith arrives at your site. Make sure you bring a valid ID along with a document that lists your name and vehicle identification number. This will help you move things along much faster. You don’t have to worry if your registration is locked inside of your vehicle. A professional can unlock it.

After you provide all required documents, the locksmith can begin to work on your car. You can restore your car keys using many methods, some of which are more complicated. It depends on which type of car keys you use and the security system that your vehicle has.

Lost your key fob, car key remote key, or keyless remote remote?

Remote control is available with key fobs for cars. Although the standard remote only has lock and unlock buttons for car doors, many manufacturers now offer remote control, trunk and button options, as well. Many models also come with a transponder as well as a switchblade lock key. Many car remotes can easily be programmed and don’t need to connect to any diagnostic device. Some cars, like GM’s, require that you plug in a programmer to perform any programming. An automotive locksmith should have the ability to assist you. It is worth checking online to see whether you can program your car’s remote by yourself. This will save you money.

If you lost a Push-To-Start (Smart Key) car key

Car dealerships will often attempt to lure customers by promising them that they can create new smart keys. The procedure usually involves resetting your car modules or replacing with new, which isn’t cost-effective. However, these car dealerships are not the only ones capable of providing such car keys. If your car has a push start button, and you have lost all your keys, a professional locksmith can generate a new key. Since he doesn’t have to modify any modules, the price you pay will usually be lower than what your local dealership would charge. But the best thing is that you won’t have to compromise on the quality. This type of job requires a lot of experience and expensive car programmers. The OBD-2 protocol can usually be used to complete the job. In rare cases however, the specialist might need to take some modules out of your car in order to access the security components necessary to make the key. This is a risky job so you should hire professionals to complete it.

It is highly recommended that you have a spare set of keys made.

It’s best to call your car locksmith, or a specialist store that specializes in duplicate immobilizer keys, in order to avoid this situation.

The use of special equipment allows professional key duplication. This also matches them to the master keys. A duplicate of your key can be used to avoid any emergency and ensure that you are always protected.