XTM Racing: X-Cellerator 1:10 2WD Stadium

Reely has a variety of low-priced beginner cars. No matter if it’s electric, gas-powered, or larger than 1/10th scale, everyone can have the car he wants. While some enthusiasts might be apprehensive about the chassis, Xtm racing we believe the X-Cellerator stadium trucks deserves a closer inspection.

The X-Cellerator actually comes from Xtm Racing. It’s labelled Reely, as it is with Conrad Electronic.

The Xtm Racing-Cellerator ARR Package:

The XTM Racing stadium truck is quite large, compared to the Associated T4 in comparison. This can be attributed partly to the pre-assembled chassis. The body is painted in bright colors, and even the standard motor Fleet Truck Parts of 540-pounds is included. It’s prewired with capacitors, and the gear meshing has been set.

To transport the truck from its container, you will need to use two reusable zip ties. You will also find a manual, tools, and a decal sheet inside.

You will need to purchase the steering servo and ESC separately in order to complete the Xellerator. An RTR has the advantage of allowing experienced hobbyists to use parts that are already in their possession.

X-Cellerator in detail 

Great work – XTM’s Stadium Truck looks great right away. Recessed countersunk screw heads, no sharp edges, and cleanly glued tires. If it is a pre-assembled model it should look something like this.

The plastic tub chassis is the only thing that looks suspicious. But more on this later. Although the shock towers are quite soft, this is only an advantage in the event of a rollover.

The steering is quite well designed, aside from the limited throw. You can change the Ackerman geometry or the position of your steering linkage, but there is no bump steering across the entire suspension travel. That’s nice!

The ball studs on the Reely X-Cellerator have foam thin dust covers, which is a feature normally only found on high-end offroaders such as Team Losi and Associated.

Classic 2wd layout – XTM Racing’s X-Cellerator maintains the 2wd concept, even though a few new mid-motor designs have been getting quite a bit of attention recently.

One detail is unique to Asso B/T4 cars: a recess at the battery slot that allows the ESC cable to pass under the battery without any damage.

The XTM Racing X-Cellerator is a hobbyist’s Dream

The XTM Racing X-Cellerator is a hobbyist’s dream: a 1/10th scale, feature-rich stadium truck American-style. And for us Europeans, we don’t need to purchase imperial tools.

These are accompanied by inexpensive spare parts and basic equipment. Pre-assembly quality is generally good. The link pairs are equal in length, the universals have threadlocker, and the diff is well-built. All screws are securely fastened with no damaged threads.

It is only when you look closer that some details are not really fitting. A number of parts doesn’t seem to know its true functions. The shocks are too harsh for off-road use, the pinion isn’t so reliable, and the kickup, which is part the chassis like the Asso T4, seems weak.