Spirit Motorcycles: launches four new bikes

Spirit Motorcycles, a new manufacturer based in the UK, launches GP Sport, GP Sport R and GP Street models.

Spirit Motorcycles is a British manufacturer of motorcycles. This week, the firm held a launch event in the UK where four Great Western Motorcycles of its creations were presented to the public – the GP Sport R and GP Street R.

T3 Racing and Spirit of the Seventies teamed up to create the new marque. The Sport range, which is sport-bodied, and Street’s naked offshoots were the models that were launched.

We take a closer look at the two new Spirit Motorcycles, which were unveiled earlier in the week.

Ingenious Chassis Engineering

The steel trellis chassis architecture of both the GP Sport twins with sporty bodies and its GP Street siblings is brazed rather than welded. This allows the chassis to move slightly, while the damaged pieces can be easily replaced without having to remove the entire frame.

The swingarm is made from aluminium, while the fairings, body panels, and frame are made with carbon fibre. This gives the bike a claimed weight of 140kg. The chassis can be adjusted so that owners can adjust the rake and trail, head angle, wheelbase, swingarm, and swingarm at any time.

Triumph-and Power Plants

An in-line triple-cylinder, sourced from -you guessed it!, provides power. -Triumph Motorcycles. Spirit Motorcycles has increased the stroke length from 49.6mm up to 55mm in order to increase the 675cc unit’s displacement to 750cc. The compression ratios were also increased to 13.5:1 for the standard models, and 13:8.1 for the R models.

The standard 675cc triple’s power output of 126 bhp at 11,900rpm was significantly increased to 56 bhp @ 14,200rpm in GP Sport and GP Street, while the R models now have a whopping 180 bhp.

Spirit Motorcycles promises reliability and reasonable service intervals due to new parts that can withstand the strain. Spirit Motorcycles claims that so many things have been done, that Triumph’s original parts are no longer needed.

Intelligent Electronics

Spirit Motorcycles has used a lot of modern electronics to ensure that its products are up to the standard in the mainstream. The Motec M130 ECU is the most prominent of these. It allows Spirit to control a wide range sensors to get as close as MotoGP bikes.

Motec M130 ECU covers engine parameter sensors, adjustable anti-wheelie and adjustable traction control. It also includes front and rear wheel speeds, suspension travel, throttle position, brake pressure and fuel pressure.

The Vodafone 4G SIM connection stores all data on a cloud. Owners can communicate with Spirit Motorcycles using their trackday data to modify the bike or make changes to the setup.