Guide to VIN Check

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy a Harley cruiser or Yamaha dirt bike. Before making any commitments, make sure to check the VIN of your motorcycle. You can check the VIN online to see if the information provided by the seller matches the motorcycle’s history. Continue the discussion with this post. It covers everything you need to know regarding VIN. Continue reading! is a massive database of data on more than 350 million VIN records. contains motorcycle vin check information on the vast majority of cars that are registered in the U.S. The reports include data beginning in 1981, for all vehicles and trucks registered prior to the date.

What is VIN?

The VIN code is a 17-character long code that acts as an identification for motorcycles. It provides information about the motorcycle’s maker, year of manufacture, and place it was made. It is a great idea to do a motorcycle VIN check. This will allow you to see details about any major events such as the number of owners, the frequency with which the vehicle was sold, and even accidents, theft, or other similar incidents. VINs can also be helpful in determining what parts you should buy for your motorcycle.


A VIN is typically divided into three sections:

First Section – It contains the first three characters of the WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier), which explains the origin and manufacturer of the motorcycle.

The Second Section consists of six characters. These are the attributes of the vehicle from the manufacturer.

Third Sections – This section includes the 10th, 11th and six last serial numbers. The third section explains the model year, assembly plant, and serial number of the motorcycle.


VIN numbers are located in the same place on dirt bikes and motorcycles. It is usually located on the steering neck. However, some bikes have it on the motor near to the bottom of the pistons. VIN location may differ from one manufacturer to the next if you’re looking to purchase an ATV. The VIN can also be found on the frame underneath the tail section, in the left side of the radiator and behind the wheel.

Buy a used motorbike online

Most online sellers include the VIN number in the product description. You can request the seller to provide the VIN number or go to the location in person to get it. Once you have the number, you can run your motorcycle’s history via This trusted platform allows you to verify the history of your vehicle, regardless of whether it is a car, truck or motorcycle.