Five Reasons to Use Neoprene Car Covers

Neoprene car seat covers aren’t just a fashion item, but they can also be used to protect and maintain your vehicle’s interior. Neoprene, a stable chemical that is used to make wet suits and deep-sea divers’ suits, has a few benefits car owners will appreciate.

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Neoprene is unique because it has five special characteristics. It’s also very durable. This durability is a huge advantage over regular car seat covers. These seat covers are nearly indestructible and can be used to schedule maintenance or compare car insurance quotes online instead of calling five different companies.

Here are five reasons you should consider neoprene seats covers:

Reason #1: Protect from high temperatures

While outside temperatures may feel 100-110 degrees, inside your car can reach 140-150 degrees. You may find it uncomfortable to sit down in your car if you have leather seats. However, neoprene seat covers absorb heat less, which makes them more comfortable for your bottom.

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Your seats will be more comfortable in the summer, while they will remain warmer during the winter. Because Neoprene is not as difficult to heat or cool your vehicle, it can make your heating and air conditioning systems more efficient.

Reason #2: Be Prepared for Elements

Neoprene covers don’t fade as quickly as other covers so they last longer. You will need to be able clean your car seat covers if you spend a lot of time outside or in your car. You can wipe the neoprene off easily to get rid of any dirt and grime from taking your children to sporting events, driving your dog to the vet, or getting into your car after a long day at work.

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Reason #3: Shock protection

Your vehicle’s suspension system is natural, but you can add an extra layer between your vehicle and the road to provide additional shock protection. You will feel more comfortable sitting on the seats. The padded seat covers can also absorb bumps, jolts and potholes that you might encounter while driving.

Reason #4: It isn’t Flammable

Smokers may have accidentally dropped a few cigarettes on their car seats. These types of accidents can cause serious damage to your car’s seats. However, Neoprene covers are non-flammable so any ashes or cigarettes that you drop won’t cause damage to your seats.

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Reason #5: Prevents moisture buildup

Neoprene, which is the same material divers use to make their wetsuits out of, can be used as a car seat cover. This material will protect your car seats from any moisture or spillages. Neoprene covers are great for people who have open-topped cars as the material is able to withstand rain and dry quickly.